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In most cases, all information in Data IQ reports refresh every two hours and comes directly from your company’s EMR system and labor/payroll system.
Contact our team by either starting a chat utilizing the “Help” button through our website/app or directly emailing Often, we can quickly assist to answer your questions; however, in some instances, we may refer you to your direct supervisor.

There are a few ways to do this. Start by opening the filter pane by clicking the three black lines. Next, perform the following steps to get the desired result.

  1. Click the “Period” box to select the range of time that either exactly covers or most closely covers the dates you seek.
  2. If you are seeking specific dates, click the “Show Date Selector” button and use the dumbbell feature to drag either direction to select the desired start date.
  3. Click the beginning date box and a calendar will display. From here, navigate to the desired start date. Highlight the entire date in the box, hit the “Delete” button, and type the desired date.

NOTE: The “Period” box MUST be set to a range of time that is greater than or equal to the specific desired dates. Otherwise, the dates will not be able to load. Once desired dates are selected, close the filter pane.

There are two options for printing:

  1. Click the paper icon at the top right corner of the screen (on the black bar). This results in a print screen. Please note, this option is only applicable if what you need to print is visible in its entirety on your screen.
  2. Data can also be exported to Excel from every visualization in Data IQ. To export data, click the ellipses icon  Ellipses (...)  on the visual you wish to export, then follow the on-screen directions. This will allow the end-user to print larger datasets.

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